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Better off healthy is a patient promotion association found in Boca Raton in beautiful South Florida. Our mission is to help patients and their families discover new intends to better deal with their illnesses at easier expenses and still look after a healthier lifestyle.

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You fit the bill for Benefits of your health protection, which can blanket you for mail request supplies diabetic gear as well as for patients in necessity of CPAP gear, Catheter supplies, and also portability and oxygen. We comprehend an extensive dominant part of Americans experience the ill effects of a throbbing painfulness regularly.

Give us a chance to help you! Our drug stores work in topical ache creams made to resolution and wipe out that "sticks and needle" sensation you may be experiencing. Click the HELP catch underneath to see our procedure!

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  • I'm glad that I can always count on the good service you have to provide for me. Never had to complain. Excellent service.
    Mary K.
  • Your company has made my life easier. I no longer worry about my diabetic supplies. I really enjoy talking to anyone in your office. They are all very helpful and kind. Thank you for everything.
    Gary S.
  • I am happy with the service you provide me. I'm healthier now that I have help getting my supplies on time. Thank you!
    Pauline E.

Do I have to pay anything out of pocket?

Better off healthy does not charge you for our services. Contingent upon the kind of arrangement you are secured under you may have to pay your co-insurance or meet your deductible. Even with having to pay co-insurance, we are able to ensure that you and your family saves by switching to a vendor who properly utilizes your insurance benefits.

Once we process your information (at no cost to you) we will inform you of any costs associated with your benefits.